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    Thanks for checking out my site. I write about my thoughts, and theology. I love conversation so please comment after the blog. You can see the most recent blogs below.
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    My name is Braden Walker and I am the father to two amazing children and husband to an amazing, smart, beautiful woman. As you can tell I have a lot to say about a lot things.
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    Here you will find teachings from myself and others that I appreciate. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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I am part of an amazing network of business people that meet once a week as a group and meet one on one with each other throughout the rest of the week to talk about business and life. I’ve been asked in the past and I continue to be asked, “What made you want to go into online media? What is your goal for your business?” 

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I realized something tonight while still running on my high of 4 cups of coffee today, I need to fight more. Normally when my brain is running on all cylinders and functioning at the rate I like, I can get a bit feisty.