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Welcome To My Blog

Braden WalkerMy name is Braden Walker and if you are stumbling onto my site, welcome and thanks for checking out my blog.

I am still in the process of building the site and organizing everything. I have posted a few teachings and will continue to update the site over time. I hope to have everything finished in the next couple of weeks, but figured this was a good starting place. 

  The reason I have started this blog is because I have a lot on my mind that I want to write about and anyone that comes along to read it will hopefully engage in discussion with me and anyone else on here. So let me encourage you to write in the comments section and we can discuss multiple topics. I hope this site will challenge you and myself in the way we think about life and theology. I love new challenges and going deep into how we as a community and myself personally think.


Once again thanks for checking out my blog and enjoy,

Braden T. Walker